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Fun African-Themed Coloring Books for Everyone!

They are more than just a coloring book—it’s a tribute to Africa’s animals and culture. These images go beyond aesthetics; they educate and inspire a deeper appreciation for Africa’s culture and wildlife. But these books are also a call to action. Habitat loss, poaching, and climate change threaten African animals. By coloring these pages, you join the mission to conserve and protect them.

It’s art with a purpose, blending creativity with responsibility. Grab your coloring tools and dive into a world teeming with life. Know that you’re part of a community dedicated to safeguarding African animals and cultures for future generations.

Impact Moment

We’re dedicated to giving back to a causes that truly make a difference on the preservation of African wildlife and the lands they roam. When you make a purchase of any of the coloring books above, 10% of the proceeds are directed towards supporting a meaningful organization.

Travel Inspired Art

I’ve created some fun art inspired by my travels. Check it out below…


Notebook watercolor lake 6"x9" 120 pages by Phoenix Sagen.

$6.99 (includes shipping)

Note Cards

Photos were taken by Phoenix Sagen during her travels and turned into watercolor art on note cards. Envelopes are included.

Set of 10 for $25 (includes shipping)

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