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Zoski Weekley Pill Organizer 2 times a day Rainbow


  • Plan Your Pills & Vitamins a Week In Advance—Am pm pill organizer 7 day is easy to load and fit all size pills, you can easily plan your am pm pills for an entire week in advance, that will save you much precious time.
  • Double Lock To Protect Your Pills—Outer container and every travel pill organizer both with easy to open and close tightly design, even when dropped accidentally, providing double protection for your pill.
  • Detachable 7 Day Pill Box Organizer—You can take each individual daily pill box organizer that you need for the day and drop it in your purse or pocket(size of overall:5.75”x2.68”x2.56”; the size of each compartment:2.25” x 1.07” x 0.59”)
  • Easy To Track—Pill organizer travel with 7 numbered and brightly translucent colored compartments, it’s easy to track whether you took your pills in time.
  • Security And Healthy—The pill case is easy to open and close tightly, it is made of BPA Free Food Grade Material, keep your pills safe and clean, protecting your health.